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We’re committed to our community. We represent only individuals and families injured by the negligence or intertional acts of others.


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About Us

Our qualified attorneys helping earn fair compensation for the injured and disabled in Florida

Marcos Gonzalez has 20 years of experience fighting for the injured in Florida. Marcos González has dedicated his career as a lawyer, to defend the interests of those injured through no fault of their own, in any type of accident. Marcos González understands perfectly the importance of access to professionals who can represent their community with the aggressiveness and knowledge necessary to fight for the compensation they deserve. For that reason, Marcos González has put together a team of lawyers who are consumed with the idea of ​recovering money for their clients.  We try hard to handle cases in the most efficient and professional manner possible. The main job of Marcos González, and all the professionals at his firm, is to get their clients the money they deserve, so they can continue with their lives after a tragic accident. With this philosophy, we have recovered millions of dollars for our clients. If you want the help of lawyers who will fight as hard as possible, and explain the law and your rights, call Marcos González and his team of lawyers today. For us it will be a pleasure to listen to your concerns and problems.


Extensive experience in injury cases

Marcos Gonzales, Esq., Is a Florida attorney dedicated to serving the interests of those who have been injured or harmed. During the last three years the company has grown from a firm of only two lawyers, to a law firm composed of ten lawyers and fifty employees. The growth of our companies can be attributed to the philosophy of always putting customers first. We are very proud of the fact that our main reference source is our current customers. All our lawyers have extensive experience in the handling of injury cases. In fact, all of our lawyers have previously worked representing the interests of insurance companies. As a result of this experience, our lawyers know how to treat and fight insurance companies. This experience has resulted in several million dollars in cases won for our clients in almost all types of injury cases. The company prides itself on the fact that it has received an “AV” rating from the prestigious-Martindale Hubbell Law Directory. The “A” on the list indicates the highest degree of legal capacity. The “V” rating is a recommendation rating that indicates a faithful follow-up to ethical standards, professional reliability, and diligence in the legal profession.

Our Services

I help individuals, and their families, with all kinds of legal issues. We provide legal services for accidents and injuries occurred at work, or in any other type of accident occurred in Florida.

Traffic Accidents

Every year, thousands of people die and millions are injured in vehicle accidents. Our attorneys handle every aspect of automobile accident litigation including negotiations with insurers and lawsuits against negligent drivers.

Work Accidents

State-approved laws require that your employer, or your employer’s insurance company, compensate you or your family for injuries or deaths that occur while you are working. We represent clients looking for temporary and permanent payments.

Slips and Falls

Slip and fall accidents occur when a person is injured by sliding, tripping or falling due to a dangerous condition in or near a house or other building. If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, we will pursue a fair remedy to account for damages.

Construction Accidents

Every year thousands of construction workers are injured or killed in accidents at the construction site. If the negligence of a third party caused the injuries, that party can be held responsible. We make sure that you are compensated correctly.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful or negligent death is the term used when someone causes the death of another person. Death can be caused by the actions of a person or because the person did not act on time (negligence). Unjust death is a civil action; It is not a delinquent action.

Other Serious Injuries

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1.4 million Americans suffer serious head injuries annually. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is responsible for a considerable number of cases of permanent disability. Call us to discuss your case.

Our Results

Our results show the success obtained for our dear customers. here we highlight only some;

$ 500,000

for man injured by being hit by “hit & run” driver

$ 750,000

for a man who got hurt in a car accident

$ 1.0 million

for a man who suffered a back injury while working

$ 1.5 million

for a wounded police officer while on duty

$ 1.6 million

for the family of the man killed in a car accident

$ 2.1 million

for partially paralyzed man in work accident

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